Sample Page

When you need to customize a website it´s ok to use wordpress cms. This when you are a webdesigner or have a webdesigner that work for you.

What works for you best is what your business needs. Do you want something big or small? e-commerce or just a page? What does your clients expect to find on your website? What do you want them to find?

Basic things about where your business is located and how to contact you is what customers expect to find, and if you have a shop they may want to be able to order online or to see what is in store.  If you have upcoming event or some interesting news. Let it be published online so your clients can find it.

If you have used Internet long time then you may remember those websites that was popping up long ago where design was not serious. I remember a website where the text was so hard to read because textcolor was hard to see on that strong colored background. I decided to mark the text to try to be able to read it, and noticed it was a picture. If you are a webdesigner you will understand how bad design this is in all ways and also when you think about SEO.
A text that can not be read at all. Search engines can not read it. I can not read it. There is no need to put up text that nobody can read. It was not even nice for eyes to look at.

Thats why there is proffesional webdesigners. To help avoiding mistaces that can ruin a business. Yes a website is the business profile on internet. You want to make a good impression. And you want people to find you in searchengines as for example google. Even a small company expect to have a proffesional website. It´s not only big companies that are expected to be found online.